My Son


My Son

Proud, proud momma here!!! 


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That is so me!!



It’s just not me!

So there this blanket I really like and it looks like I could get rid of some of my small amount of yarn stash, but how? I’m not one to just pick one and go with it…It has to match,blend, look good or I frog it..
there are many,many started blanket that I have tried to do this random look but have failed…meserably :(
Like I mentioned on Facebook the only way I could do this is variegated yarn….One day I will try this pattern for now
I have my hands ….
Trying to get ready for school….enjoying what little I have left of the lazy summer days.I so am not a morning person
and when school is in session I must be a morning person.
anywho back to my project…

Ever mom’s list


Who does this? I’m already behind… :)



I need to change from home made  to custom styled…. But I’ve always thought that custom was when you made it to the request of the person buying it…. But I do like custom styled.

Angeline Crochet Doll

angeline (2)angeline

This doll didn’t quite want to work with me…But I think that at the end she turned out super great! If I do say so myself. It has a lot of purple…I tried to add other colors… but…I think she came out cute and she found a new home with in an hour…Now the question is could I replicate that doll? ….Did you see that hair….Oh MY!


Isn’t this the best crochet feeling ever? when a child after 5 monthes still loves the doll you spent hours and hours on….I know it took me a while but I enjoyed every second.
:), Monica

She’s going home

This doll has been my favorite doll so far… It has taken me 2 month’s for her to come together. She would sit on my desk and I would add one thing at a time. Some night nothing to be honest several nights– just an empty stare. But i came up with a skirt,a heart on the chest to symbolize a grandmas love..Oh a bracelet.necklace,red shoes with a black button..and bows on the pony tails. I think she came out cute.

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