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~ Excitement ~

As you know I started a new adventure never leaving my others behind…I started making those barefoot sandals for babys….I had a customer ask for some and at a whim I took her 2 of my little crochet dress that i had made and have yet to released to my Midnite Crafting Closet. I guess mainly to get her reaction. You know we live on other people’s reaction of our crafts. Well! she fell in love with my pink tweet. I was just so excited,so full of joy that there are people out there who like what my silly mind comes up with. She even order another one.Yeppie.. reason to go fabric shopping…lol..I thanked her and off I went to buy donuts for my family with money I made….I am truly blessed.


3 thoughts on “~ Excitement ~

    1. yes,we have dry spells…this is my 2nd one that i sold…I just think theres alot of crafters out there and not enough people to buy from us. Try reaching out to older people who want for there grand kids. dont just stick to the young….Good luck!

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