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Crocheted Flowers Pattern

I made this

Sorry Angie. I had planned to take some pics to go with this before posting. But it would be ages before that happens, being the protracted procrastinator that I am. So here goes. Easy Peasy!

Chain (17,35,53) (S,M,L)

I chained 53 for all flowers and used an acrylic worsted weight yarn. I tried it with a thinner yarn but it didn’t hold the shape very well.

Dc in 5th chain from hook, *ch 1, skip 1, (dc-ch-dc) in next ch (V stitch made)
Repeat from * across to end. Turn.

Ch 3 (counts as dc) 5 dc in ch space, * sc in next ch-1 space, 6 dc in next ch-1 space (shell stitch made)
Repeat from *, ending in 6 dc in last ch-1 space. Fasten off but leave a good long tail for anchoring the flower. I left a good 10 inches for…

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