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Renee’s Cuff: Hemp Bracelet

love it and had, had to share!

For the Love of Scarves

Not long ago, I was searching for a sweet crocheted bracelet pattern.  I came across this one on Ravelry and fell in love with it.  Just one problem, I couldn’t figure it out!  I’m not sure what I was doing wrong but I was getting more and more frustrated by the minute.

I gave up and decided to write my own pattern, inspired by the one above.  I actually like mine better and have gotten tons of compliments on it!


Renee’s Cuff: Hemp Bracelet Pattern

**Please do not copy and paste my pattern.  You may sell what you make, but please link back to this page on all listings.**

*Use I hook, and hemp.  I found mine in the jewelry section of the store.  There are several thicknesses to choose from.  I went with one of the thinner ones.*

Ch 30.

Dc cluster in 3rd ch from hook (y/o, insert…

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