Found Homes

Angeline Crochet Doll

angeline (2)angeline

This doll didn’t quite want to work with me…But I think that at the end she turned out super great! If I do say so myself. It has a lot of purple…I tried to add other colors… but…I think she came out cute and she found a new home with in an hour…Now the question is could I replicate that doll? ….Did you see that hair….Oh MY!

Found Homes

She’s going home

This doll has been my favorite doll so far… It has taken me 2 month’s for her to come together. She would sit on my desk and I would add one thing at a time. Some night nothing to be honest several nights– just an empty stare. But i came up with a skirt,a heart on the chest to symbolize a grandmas love..Oh a bracelet.necklace,red shoes with a black button..and bows on the pony tails. I think she came out cute.